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The story of Scandinavian No-Dig Centre
Scandinavian No-Dig Centre introduced their first pipeburster machine in 1997, the T40. It was designed using typical Danish simplicity, and held numerous functions sought after by experienced utility contractors from across the world.
The T40 pipeburster machine was unique in many ways, and from the very beginning set a new standard for functionality and safety on the market. It quickly became the favourite choice amongst utility contractors, and many T40's are still fully functional today.
The No-Dig Centre, - as we are normally called; has ever since focused on being
the number one supplier of professional construction equipment for the trenchless industry.
25 years with focus on supplying the best hydro-static pipeburster machines to a market, with a still growing demand for both functionality and safety.
With numerous new machine models and upgrades on existing models, we have over the years strived to stay relevant through our designs and Scandinavian simplicity.
The 2021 product line continues to reflect both innovation and functionality. It also highlights the importance of focusing on and being connected to the industry.
The brand new electric green line of static pipeburster machines is developed to suit a changing world, where the industry must do its best to be part of green solutions.
Scandinavian No-Dig Centre has always and will continue to provide, - solutions for the future.
Jesper Ulrich Nielsen
Jesper Ulrich Nielsen
CFO of Scandinavian No-Dig Centre.
Financial strategies, international business development.
Part owner since 2000.
Søren Ulrich Nielsen
Søren Ulrich Nielsen
CEO of Scandinavian No-Dig Centre.
Product specialist, international business development.
Part owner since 1995.